January 31
China Export Market: A Growing Marketplace

The news about Apple not anticipating the tremendous demand for products in China made me think about how pent up demand in China is a huge opportunity for American companies looking to expand.

By 2015, China will surpass the United States in ecommerce market size, to RMB 2 trillion (US$320 billion) according to the Boston Consulting Group. The middle and affluent classes are rapidly changing their purchasing behavior to include new sales channels such as the internet, creating opportunities for recognized brands, and for market pioneers that can establish a brand in the current emerging landscape.

At JR Language Translations, we see a growing trend with our clients who realize this opportunity, and ask us for help to enter into the Chinese market. From universities marketing to aspiring students who are looking for an American education, to small businesses exporting products and services to China, the trend has been growing at double digits for the last three years.

The typical cycle starts with the translation of a few brochures and case studies, then the translation of a website, to the complete localization of contracts and service manuals. Some clients are not aware of the different dialects and writing forms of Chinese, so we always work with them to select the most appropriate for their target market.

On the other hand, many companies are still thinking about what to do, leaving the opportunity for growth on the table for other businesses to establish their foothold. We see these times as a second opportunity to jump in early into the Internet.

Tell us about your experience with the Chinese market, or if you have questions contact us and we may be able to help.

January 26
Professional Translation Services and Prices

One of the main concerns clients have when asking for professional translation services is the cost. There are many aspects that are taken into consideration that can affect the final price of a professional translation, such as:

Price vs. Quality

Although money is very important, also keep in mind that most of the time there is a very close relation between price and quality. What if you have a very strict time frame and when you get the translation back it is a mess? Names misspelled; dates are not in the correct format, etc. Maybe with a 5 page-long translation is not the end of the world, but what about with a 300 page-long translation project?

Time = Money

You thought you were getting a bargain but, what about the time you will now spend correcting the translation? That will cost you time and, therefore, money. Professional translation agencies and professional translators will offer you the most competitive prices in the market for a job well done. They use a different translator to review your translation, a translator with a new set of eyes and a different thinking.

Always Know With Whom You Are Dealing

Before hiring someone to do your translation project, you want to make sure that you are dealing with a serious translation agency. That is why JR Language Website includes the option of getting free quotes and also offers advice from experienced project managers for your translation requirements. You will be able to get estimates on the cost and delivery time without obligation. Remember: the more you share about your translation project the more exact the estimate will be.

Also, be sure to read testimonials from previous clients that would give you peace of mind about JR Language Translation Services’ performance.

The sole purpose of professional translators is to communicate your message just as you intended and the purpose of experienced translation agencies is to provide you with the best services available. Always put quality first!


January 19
The Importance of Translation Services

See if you can identify yourself with any of these questions:

1. Q. Have you ever traveled to a foreign country and had a medical emergency and your documents were written in a different language?

For your documents to be process by the Insurance Agency they need to be translated into the language that they understand.


2. Q. As a Human Resources Associate, do you have to provide daily services to employees that do not speak your language?

- Companies require their manuals to be translated in the language of the employees so they understand the rules, regulation and benefits.


3. Q. Are you a French citizen in the midst of a divorce or an inheritance dispute in the U.S. and all of your documents are in French?

- Legal documents treat delicate matters and have to be translated word by word and into the official language of the government or legal institutions.

Each translation project has its own specific needs and the job of the translation agency is to select the best professional translator that best meet those needs. However, to assure precision and quality there are certain aspects that are germane to this field, sometimes unknown by the general public, that translation agencies are very aware of.

Localization, which accommodates a document to a specific market using local nuances, vocabulary, colors, currency, among other elements, is one example. Localization in the translation process is extremely important for marketing purposes.

Let’s see this example:

Say you are a fruit and vegetable Puerto Rican-based company, and you want to put your oranges to compete with Florida’s. Your slogan is:

La china más jugosa del mundo

In most of the Spanish-speaking world, the word for orange is naranja, but in Puerto Rico is china. Without proper localization your slogan could end up being:

The juiciest Chinese woman in the world

instead of: “the juiciest orange in the world.” And there is a world of difference between the two!

So next time you have documents to be translated, don’t put it in the hands of someone who is not professionally instructed in the field, leaving it to chance. Make the right decision and use professional translation services to rest assure that the end result is as good as, or even better than, the original.


January 5
JR Language Translation Services’ Spanish Website

JR Language just launched their website in Spanish in an effort to provide better services to the Spanish speaking community.

We care about all of our clients; we want to effectively communicate our message and help as many people as we can.

We would like to hear about what you think we can do to serve you better.

Thank you!