Marketing Translation: The Key to Sell your Product

The internet has certainly changed the world in many ways. One is the way translation intertwines with other disciplines. Marketing is one of the most notorious examples. The development of international commerce, global economy and specially the desire to cover markets in the, so called, developing world (Korea, Brazil, etc.) makes translation the best friend of marketing agencies.

And just as there are many elements to take into consideration when developing a product, there are also many others involved in the translation process of marketing material. One of the most important elements is localization. In every translation the most important aspect is the ability of transmitting the correct message and, for that to happen it is critical to use the right words. Fortunately, marketing translators have a great deal of freedom when translating jingles, tag lines or songs.

But, freedom will achieve nothing without the proper knowledge of the target audience. Spanish is the perfect language to exemplify the importance of localization. The music, colors, food and words a country identifies with changes from country to country. Translators have to not only know the language spoken in a given country perfectly but also have an in-depth knowledge of the culture. They must know that, for example, the word chaqueta in Mexico is a forbidden word and that chamarra is the right one.

Also, it could seem logical that the vocabulary and the techniques used in a marketing translation should be different from those of a mere descriptive document but, sometimes people forget that. When trying to capture an audience and sell a product, it is very important the use of the imperative, for example words like: CALL, TRY, GO give a sense of urgency and need.

Every trade has its specializations and translation is not the exception. Hire a professional translator and you will sell your product anywhere.