A Professional Translation Company

Why choose JR Language Translation Services? Because we go the extra mile to make it easy for you to get culturally correct Language Translation Services.

We are an experienced Translation Services Company with capabilities and technology to address your global needs. We tailor language solutions with focus to your specific requirements.

Our professional translators are native speakers who have work experience in the industries for which they translate. What’s more, you’ll get fast turnaround times at affordable prices with no sacrifice of quality.

Oil & Gas tarnslation services

Energy, Oil, and Gas

Keeping pace with ever-changing industries is a specialty of JR Language. Because the energy field can be a volatile one, we’re always at the ready to accommodate your tight deadlines. From research or test results to material data safety sheets and more, we guarantee rapid delivery times and accurate translations.

Legal Translation Services

Legal Translation

From immigration papers to court transcripts, your legal documents are translated manually and by native-speaking translators that have practical work experience in the legal field. With accuracy, confidentiality and precision, we turn your documents around quickly to accommodate tight deadlines.

Financial Translation Services

Financial Translation

From bank statements to real estate proposals, JR Language is able to usher you through the complex world of financial translations. In addition to accurately translating words, you can trust that global currencies, time spans, charts and graphs are also converted with the exactness demanded by financial institutions.

Medical Translation Services

Medical and Life Sciences

Hospitals, doctors, patients, insurance agencies and pharmaceutical companies will benefit from guaranteed accurate translation services. Performed by professional translators who have medical experience, each document is translated with attention to detail and in accordance with all confidentiality laws.

Game Translation Services

Game Translation

From character voiceovers to instruction and help information, JR Language’s localization and translation services give your gamers an authentic experience from start to finish. We give you confidence about taking your games global, regardless of which language you translate into.

HR Translation Services

Human Resource Translation

Whether you’re working with a multinational workforce or have offices scattered across the globe, having communication with employees in their native languages is vital. From benefits manuals and job descriptions to recruiting materials, we’ll work closely with you to bring clarity to your communications.

Marketing Translation Services

Marketing Translation

Translating marketing materials is unlike translating any other type of documents. That’s because you have to communicate the intended meaning of the message, and adapt it to the culture. JR Language uses only native professional translators who understand the local nuances that can make or break your campaign.

Elearning Translation Services

eLearning Translation

Globalization and Technology are changing traditional education, and paving the way for eLearning. From videos to scripts, tests and course content, we will  localize your educational programs to the language of your audience. The translation of your online courses will give your eLearning material a Global reach.

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certified translation servicesCertified Translation

Whether for business or personal use, we specialize in providing certified translations including those for educational institutions, government agencies, and for the USCIS. You’ll get fast turnaround on translations from birth certificates, diplomas, and more.

Multilingual Translation ServicesMultilingual Translation

For language services in Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic, Dutch, Italian and others, you can trust that only professional native-speaking translators will work on your translation project.

Language Localization ServicesLanguage Localization

Even people who speak the same language communicate differently. Americans call the rear of a car the trunk while Brits call it the boot. To get your intended meaning across to your chosen audience, translations should be localized to a specific culture.

Spanish Translation ServicesSpanish Translation

As specialists in English to Spanish and Spanish to English translations, we devote a large part of our team to translating and localizing content that’s geared toward the Hispanic market. We guarantee fluid, on-target Spanish communication.

Document Translation ServicesDocument Translation

A wide variety of services are available including transcription & translation of audio-video files, abstracts/ summaries, and editing & proofreading of documents. All are available for translation into  over 100 languages.

Website Translation ServicesWebsite Translation

Need a translation agency to expose your company to the global marketplace? Look no further. We offer website translation services to accommodate foreign employees and to introduce your company to new markets.

Desktop Publishing & Translation ServicesDesktop Publishing

Want to cut your time to market? We can help! In addition to being a professional translation company, we also offer you the convenience of in-house desktop publishing services. Put our talented staff to work for you.

Interpretation ServicesInterpretation Services

Our interpretation services and equipment help bridge the language barrier in business meetings, phone calls, conferences, and training sessions. Let us help you understand and be understood in a multilingual environment.