Testimonials & Translation Services Reviews

Below you will find our client’s reviews for JR Language Translation Company and Services:

“JR Language Translation Services did a great job translating a Belgian police report from French into English for US immigration purposes. What set them apart was that they were able to do the translation of my document from an e-mailed scan, which definitely improved the turnaround time. Within 24 hours, they had a draft translation to me for approval. Bottom line: I was satisfied with the quality of the translation, but was really impressed with the speed and convenience. Their customer service was great! I highly recommend this company. ”
– Dr. Simon

” JR Language did everything according to what their website promised. Their customer service was excellent, as was the quality of their work. They were prompt, and very easy to contact – not a lot of machines or operators to work with. Every time I would call, I would get a person talking to me on the phone who knew what they were talking about. I would definitely recommend JR Language for any translation services. If I need another certified translation, I know I will contact them.”
– Damaris P.

“My employer needed to produce instructions in German to address a specific market in that language, namely, sewing. We started using more than five companies to translate our product, but as the different translations were proof-read, we determined that JR Language Translation services, Inc. stood out as the most reliable and understanding of our translation needs. It is obvious that we give them the highest recommendation not only for the quality of their services, but for their attentiveness to our specific needs.”
A. Rodriguez
Manager, Technical Departments

Simplicity Pattern Co., Inc.

” My group of affiliated companies has retained JR Language Translation Services on several occasions to assist us in compliance with international export and trade regulations. The vocabularies are specialized and absolute commitment to detail is required. JR has performed accurately and speedily, without fail. It has demonstrated professionalism and flexibility. You won’t regret using this company.”
Pam Fisher
Covenant Security

“Thank you very much, my pleasure doing business with JR Language, they translated my document from Spanish into English, the service was great and really quick. Final work was excellent!!! I do appreciate it. Thanks a lot.”
– Yahisa Paez

“I am impressed, truly. Very professional, very fast, very good! I needed my husband’s Birth Certificate translated into English, and found the right Company for it: JR Language. Translated doc was delivered sooner than expected! Would highly recommend and use again. Thank you.”
– Suzanne B.

“I had my husband’s birth certificate translated from Japanese to English for green card application. It’s certified and with additional fee, you can get it notarized. JR Language was very quick and helpful on the phone as well. I had the translated document in my hands within a few days”
– Aiko‎

“JR Language Translation Services are simply the best. I have been working to get my Italian Citizenship for about one year now and just before my interview with the consulate, I needed a document translated very quickly. I was so worried that I wouldn’t be able to get the document that I needed in time since I was in Boston and they were in Philadelphia. But working with JR team, allowed me to not only get the paperwork that I needed before my interview, but helped me get my citizenship that very day! JR’s team were very professional and I would recommend them to everyone that needed translation services.”
– Cristina G.

“They have a great customer service. And the document translation was first class! Very accurate and professional service! Highly recommended”
– John C.