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JR Language is the translation company that Kansas City prefers for reliable and high-quality professional translation services. We offer a full suite of language translation services for Kansas City’s thriving business sectors and diverse population. When you choose JR Language for your translation projects, you are selecting a partner with excellent customer services track, the support of experienced linguists and localization engineers, and skilled project managers who are ready to assist you as soon as you call.

Our translation services are offered for over 100 languages, and are supported by state-of-the-art technology and advanced multilingual solutions:

Certified Translation ServiceDocument Translation Service
Legal Translation ServiceMedical Translation Service
Marketing & Advertising TranslationWebsite Translation
Government TranslationVideo Translation – Subtitles and voice over
Financial TranslationInterpretation Services

Please Contact us if you need a translation service that is not shown in the list above. We provide professional translation services for a wide variety of industries, and we are equipped to help you successfully meet your translation goals in your specific industry.

Business Translation Services in Kansas City, MO

Our translation company provides business translation services for Kansas City’s evolving business landscape. Our business translation services encompass all aspects including human resources translation, marketing and website translation.

Our human resources translation services include translation of employee handbooks, code of conduct, and operational manuals. Trust JR Language to help you take care of and nurture your new employees by making critical content accessible to them in their native language. We offer over 100 language pairs including English to Spanish, English to Vietnamese and English to French.

Our marketing translation services cover all forms of marketing content including brochures, flyers, website and video. Our website translation and localization services help your brand attain the global platform you desire, by making sure your brand message and web content are effectively well received by your chosen target markets around the globe.

Video translation gives your video marketing campaign the extra boost that it needs to bring your awesome brand to the attention of the global market. If you have questions about how we can help you achieve a global presence, contact us today and tell us about your video translation needs.

Certified Translation Services in Kansas City, MO

We offer certified translation services in Kansas City for purposes including USCIS applications, college applications, legal and insurance purposes. Our certified translation services include personal document translation for content such as academic transcripts and diplomas, birth certificates, divorce decrees and death certificates.

We are prepared to deliver document translation services for any legal and financial documents that \requires a certified translation.

Because we understand that time is of the essence, we offer rush translation services to ensure you receive your certified translation in a timely manner so you can complete your process by the required deadline. Please contact us today, if you need a rush translation!

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About Kansas City in Missouri

Kansas City is located on the western edge of Missouri, bordering Kansas, and has a population of over 480,000. The city is known for its rich jazz heritage, delicious cuisine, dazzling fountains and boulevards.

The City is the most centrally located of all major metropolitan areas in the U.S. making it relatively easy for tourists to get to. Lovingly nicknamed as America’s Creative Crossroads, Kansas City is the breeding ground of several charming inventions including the bumper sticker, jazz jam sessions, and McDonald’s Happy Meal.

The City’s vibrant arts scene is complete with over 65 performing arts organizations and its many museums dedicated to jazz music and art collections. Major international companies have also been born from Kansas City including Hallmark Cards, Garmin International and H&R Block.

The most common languages other than English that are spoken in Kansas City are Spanish, Vietnamese, French, Arabic and several African languages. Common places of origin for the City’s foreign born residents include Mexico, German and India.

Kansas City’s top industries include healthcare, manufacturing, and technology.

Contact us for your Language Translation needs: either translation or interpretation services , our translation agency will work as your partner to achieve excellence in all your multilingual communications.

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